1) Listen to the teacher and each other.

2) Be punctual.

3) Dressed appropriately, e.g,

YDC Uniform, otherwise clothes that the student is comfortable in.

4) Be safe in class by listening to the teacher and following instructions.

5) Be polite.

6) Do your best!


1) If you have any questions or problems you need to discuss, please do straight away.

2) To adhere to the full YDC policy.

3) To make sure your child is ready for class, e.g dressed appropriately, has a water bottle.

4) Let the teachers know of any medical records we should have.

5) Make sure you have filled out our social media permission form. Or let us know if you do not wish your child to be photographed or filmed.

6) Check the YDC FaceBook Page once a week before your intended class.

7) Message the teacher before class if you or your child is going to be late or will not be able to attend. Please inform us of any holidays.

8) Please only message YDC, Yazzie or Miss Nay Nay in business hours.

Business Hours: 9am – 7pm.


The majority of YDC classes are paid termly. Please enquire for more details.

Family/ Double class discounts available.

We do offer Scholarship programmes.

One on One class and Small group classes can be organised and discussed with the appropriate teacher.

To be part of YDC shows there will be a charge to be involved which will go towards Theatre Hire charges, Changing room hire charges etc.


Bullying is taken very seriously at YDC.

Bullying includes, Emotional, Physical, Racial, Sexual, Homophobic, Direct or Indirect Verbal or Cyber Bullying.

Bullying may be related to, but not limited to, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Culture, Gender, Disability, Home Circumstances or Race.

Any case will be dealt with in these 3 steps;

1) All persons involved including parents/guardians of people under the age of 18 will be called in for a discussion about the apparent case of bullying.

2) Both or all sides will have their time to state their case.

3) Together we will hopefully come to a solution. In the event that the case needs further attention, a further meeting will be called between YDC staff to make a fair and appropriate arrangement.

YDC works in conjunction with local authorities to adhere to the safeguarding policies.

Further information on this policy can be found at 


From time to time, photographs, film, video or audio recordings may be made (by YDC Staff or approved photographers) during activities for publicity, promotional or broadcast purposes. Please inform us before any such event if you do not wish you or your child to appear or be identified in any such material.


JT SQUAD members will receive a contract to sign at the beginning of the year.



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