YASMIN KABIR BA – Founder and Managing Director 

Yasmin Kabir has dedicated her life to dance.

From toddler age, when she was impersonating her favorite pop stars until now, where she now owns her own dance school the ‘YDC Dance School’.

In her earlier years Yasmin attended Performing arts schools and was invested fully into performing arts. She trained in dance, acting, and singing, including, classical opera.

Performing arts is a passion to Yasmin but she wavered when she stumbled across a local street dance group. She trained for the group for a short while before being asked to be a trainee dance teacher for the school, aged just 13 years old. After passing the schools exams with a 98,99 and 100% she became the second in charge at age 16.

At 16 Yasmin had entered multiple dance competitions earning her a multitude of trophies and awards, however, nothing gave her more joy than teaching. Although the buzz of being a competitive dancer was exciting, Yasmin felt the want and need to better peoples lives through dance. It was at 16 that she started her own dance group and campaign in aid of an anti knife crime charity, ‘The Ben Kinsella Fund’.

As part of her dance group, ‘Yazzie’s Hip Hop Dance Class’, Yasmin was able to raise over £1000 for the fund, as well as increase awareness for the anti knife crime campaign. After 3 years of running the group Yasmin was given the ‘Sandhurst Youth Award 2010’ for her effort with the campaign, and her ability to influence positive changes and progression for her dancers, the children of the local community. Meridian News also covered her story.

Soon after, Yasmin gained her qualification in Performing arts. She achieved a triple distinction and moved on to attend The University of Surrey to study Dance and Culture.

The University enabled Yasmin to delve into the academics of dance and to push the boundaries of dance choreography.

Whilst there she trained in Ballet, Contemporary, Kathak, Dancehall and African dance. Adding to her already extensive list of dance styles, including Jazz, Tap, Salsa and Bhangra.

Even while studying Yasmin was not able to resist teaching! She found herself running the street dance course for a short while at the ‘Surrey Sports Park’ after a tutor put her forward for the job.

As part of her studies she also attended workshops with people such as Robert Hilton, and was part of the Hip Hop team led by Bly Richards and Matt Walker.

Yasmin majored her degree in African and Dancehall and was taught by H Pattern one of the leading African dance teachers. 

After gaining her degree Yasmin decided to take the steps to set up her own dance school which takes us up to the present day.

She now has a dance school which enforces empowerment through dance. There are performance opportunities as well as competition teams and PAYG classes.

Yasmin runs YDC full time and involves herself with projects such as creatively directing music videos, choreographing wedding dances and doing private one on one classes for clients.

Miss Nay Nay – Street Acro Teacher

From a young age Miss Nay Nay got involved in gymnastics, gaining a place in a prestigious gymnastics team ‘Team Gym’ At 15 she became a trainer for the younger teams. She would train for 4 days a week in a all areas such as floor, volt, trampette and conditioning training.

At 17 she focused her attention on her passion for dance, following in her big sisters footstep. Taking part in competitions, supporting Yasmin with charity work and performing in dance shows. 

Over the years Miss Nay Nay has trained in street dance, hip hop, contemporary, Jazz and acro dance. 

Miss Nay Nay’s background in gymnastics gives her a strong foundation for the classes she now teaches. She focuses on technique and discipline and her classes are thoroughly enjoyed by all. 


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